The Collector, 2014

This is a book about Cole. He collects things. And he doesn’t care that everyone around him thinks that the things that he collects are garbage, and that he should play with action heroes instead.

But one day things are missing. Where are the things from Cole’s collection?

I made this book about seeing the large things in the small things. It was a finalist for the Tassy Walden Award: New Voices in Children’s Literature, 2014


Big Surprise, 2014

In this book I wanted to play with movement and composition and using the book page as a playground. The reader will meet some fortuitous friends and follow their adventures on the book page, with a BIG Surprise in the end.


GREY (A - Z), 2015

In this book I wanted to capture the essence of what I learned from Big and Little Edie of the famous 1975 documentary “Grey Gardens”.

It is a book about food, poetry, cats, music, fashion, ice cream, grief, and memories but most importantly: it is a book about life, and how you can live a more simple life by affirming all living creatures around you and keep an open mind.