Boswell, Baby Birdie and the Other Fish

When I live din London I had a big aquarium with three fancy goldfish. Boswell was a big, big fish and he kept growing. Baby birdie was a tiny little one, and the cutest of the bunch. The Other Fish was a medium sized fish who didn't have any specific features. He was just there. I used to have a scull in the aquarium and the Other Fish used to hover and swim around it, in the corner of the fish tank. When I moved from London, I gave the fish to a friend who was already a fish lover.  We moved the fish in a large tupperwear container in the cab, and since the cab driver probably wouldn't have liked to have that much water in his car, we hid the fish under our jackets, trying to keep them straight and not cause to much of a storm for the poor fishies as we tried to distract the cab driver from noticing his unusual passengers. Sometimes I think of them. I never saw the again.  

This drawing made me think of them. Even though this guy is glimmering in blue and gold, he is hovering in a corner, close to the bottom of the sea, just like the Other Fish.