This month I was traveling to Paris and to Sweden. 

On one balcony in Malmö, Sweden, I found my friend Ulrika. She was wearing pigeon wings and tried to scare the pigeons off her balcony. Like a living scarecrow. We decided that they fell in love with her instead of being scared off. But at least they forgot to eat her plants and herbs. And that was the main thing.

Marching On

Yesterday we marched in New York City. We marched to feel a solidarity, a fellowship, to shout out our anger and our frustration. We marched because we wanted to show the world that we disagree. That we want justice. That we want social, environmental, racial, economic, and sexual justice. That we will not back down. And this is just the beginning. We will keep marching on.  

The Art of Black Dissent is a part of that. We will go to schools and libraries and talk to high school kids and the general public about protest art and how art can be used as a powerful tool for pursuing activism and protest. It's important work. I'm so proud to do it.



Check it.

Be part of the change. Be the change.  March On